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About Genital Herpes

Some myths about Genital Herpes

You can remove the Genital Herpes Virus from your body.

To be honest we were surprised at the amount of people who were claiming you can kill the virus, the truth of the matter is simply you cannot. (1)  You can remove the symptoms as quickly as possible or prevent them from occurring so you have clean, clear skin and in many cases the symptoms will not return, but unfortunately you will still have the virus.

We believe in honesty the giving you the best chance to remove your problem and providing full support for you while you do this. Like most other over the counter treatments we believe the fastest and most effective way to remove your Genital Herpes is to apply a powerful topical cream directly to the area  itself.

Another Myth

If you partner develops Genital Herpes , he or she must be cheating on you.

Don't jump to conclusions on this one. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse may have been infected for years and may not have known it due to mild or no symptoms.

How common is this

Genital Herpes is one of the most common Std's in the world, its estimated that up to 16% of the population may have the virus (2), if not treated quickly it can spread and become Chronic and last for many years. It is extremely contagious.

Choosing the best way forward for you

In most cases topical creams are the fastest and most effective way to deal with Genital Herpes. In chronic cases prescription medicine will be required. A consultation with a Doctor is highly recommended, as medicines may have serious side effects if not correctly administered.

Our cream is very safe to use and comes with full instructions and if you have any questions please just contact us.


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